What Devalues a House? Common Things that will Devalue your Home


Selling your house is undoubtedly a complex process and one of the most asked questions will always be “What can increase the value of my house”. Whereas there are many resources pointing to the best practices and tips on how to best achieve that, it is easy to lose track and accidentally go overboard. And when you think something might look appealing to you, it could very well do the exact opposite. When it comes to taking any drastic changes to your house, it’s best to double-check with the right sources to avoid any regrets. 

You might be surprised to find out that some of the most obvious changes are not that greatly welcomed. So, before doing any potential damage to your house, we compiled a list of the things that devalue your home as approved by the estate agents.

Bringing too many personal touches.

You might be inclined to overly decorate and make every inch of the house stand out by adding extras. Take a step back and try to think objectively. We know that everyone’s got their own tastes but that doesn’t mean that it is going to be appealing to the next folk. Whereas some might prefer bold and quirky styles, it is safer to present your house in a simple view. After all, the new buyer will have it decored in their own style. Think minimalistic and subtle. It is recommended to have an emptier canvas where potential buyers could picture their own belongings rather than a house pampered in different styles.

A Poor condition of the house

While we discussed how overly decorating your house is a bad idea, you also need to ensure that everything else is in good condition. Most of the buyers will want to move in as soon as possible without having to invest a fortune in reparations. If you have unfinished DIY jobs that you need to finish, do that before marketing your house. Nothing is more unappealing than visible cracks, damps or areas that don’t go with the rest of the house. 

It is recommended to have the interior (and exterior) walls repainted just to freshen it up. Although you might want to go the extra mile and have a complete new colour painted on your walls, we recommend to keep it simple. Don’t go for bright bold colours or pompous wallpapers but think of warm and toned down colours: shades of greys, whites, pastel colors are a great place to start.

Being an eye-sore

It might not be that obvious since you get used to it, but when your house looks like an eyesore from the outside, this might unconsciously defer people from it. At first glance, from someone who is new in your neighbourhood, a house that has a different colour from the others around could be considered different – in a bad way.  That’s why you might want to take the time to repaint it in a new colour and give it a look of freshness. 

Don’t ignore your lawn or garden. Even if you got carried away with other things while you’re preparing for your next move, make sure that your lawn and garden look clean and kept. This brings us to the next thing that can decrease the value of your house…

Strange Gardens

Gardens pay at least 40% importance of the overall value of your house. Most people find it a make or break deal so be careful with what you do to your garden. Before anything else, ensure that your garden is kept clean and there is nothing wrong with the fences. If you are thinking of adding new aesthetic elements to your garden, you might want to hold off. Remove any strange decorations that seem out of the place, such as christmas lights or small statues. Even swimming pools are putting off people as they often require too much maintenance. 

Think of the flowers that you might have in the garden as well. Property estates always recommend homeowners to look into the latest landscaping trends and see what plants are preferred now. Generally speaking, any plant that requires too much care and that could potentially damage the house is considered  a red flag. 

Careful with Kitchen Decorations

Although kitchen renovations are highly recommended as it is one of the first things buyers are interested in, you need to be careful with what you actually do. Don’t rely on your DIY skills as that could cost you more in the long run and you don’t want to waste money nor time. When it comes to styles, try not to go too extreme. Things you might want to consider are  replacing an old and used sink, a countertop that carried marks of the past and chipped cabinets. 


Prepare your Bathroom

Just like your kitchen, the bathroom is another important room that buyers will be interested in. If you’re thinking about adding more value to your house by renovating your bathroom, you have to be extra careful. It’s easy to go overboard and add tacky things such as pompous wallpapers or bizarre paint colors that don’t go with the rest of your bathroom. Adopting a more simplistic style is the safest choice and you won’t go wrong with it. Pale colours, such as blues, creams, whites are the way to go. You might want to consider replacing the flooring to add a touch of freshness to the room. Tiles never go out of fashion and will always be a good option. Consider adding flooring insulation for an added bonus to your house value. The same rule applies to the kitchen and you should note that carpets and vinyl flooring are to be avoided.