How to Choose a Plasterer in Bristol

Living in a bigger city often comes with the advantage of having a larger pool of candidates to choose from for your next upcoming renovation work. That means regardless of what type of job you want to get done, you will find the right person. But this also means that you need to be more careful when choosing someone that you can trust with your project. It is easy to get overwhelmed when you don’t know where to start from or what filters you need to be using when screening potential traders or companies.

One of the first questions you might be asking yourself is should I do it myself or contract someone? And that is entirely up to you: you need to consider your level of skill and experience, the scale of the job. But generally speaking, plastering is something you would want to be done by an expert.

-Professional plasterers have years of experience behind them with a wide range of projects so they will know exactly what needs ot be done in order to ensure the end result is flawless.

-They also bring the right tools and equipment with them which means you won’t have to invest in any of that.

-The potential damage that could result from a poorly carried out plastering job can have negative consequences for a long time. And the time and monetary implications that will go into fixing them are not worth the risk, knowing they would b higher when hiring a team to fix it.

-They will finish the job faster and the quality of the job is also assured.

Once you have decided to go down the professional team of plasterer route then you need to prepare for the actual research and screening. Things you will need to consider beforehand are the area you want to be plastered, the budget and the time limits.

How much will I pay for a plastering job?

The square per meter method.

This comes down to what areas you will want to be plastered. Is it a room or the entire house that you want? As a rule of thumb, professional plasterer will measure the areas in question and will decide how many square meters of wall space needs to be covered. This is how they will work out the total costs for the rest of the materials that are to be used in the process as well as the time frame and labour that goes into the job. The per square meter basis makes it easier for you to compare all the other quotes when you have collected a few.

Size of the room method.

Apart from the first method mentioned above, professional plasterers will also use the size of the room as a rough estimate of the cost. You will find the prices divided by the different sizes of the rooms, ranging from small, medium and large rooms. You should treat this with a pinch of salt, as this is an estimate that helps you to consider if you have the budget. When the team comes to the actual site, they will be able to give you an exact estimate of the price you will have to pay.

Most popular plastering jobs and how much they cost

Based on the most popular plastering jobs, also known as the staples, we have put together a rough estimate you would be expected to pay along with an estimated time frame for completion. We need to keep in mind that these will vary according to the team of plasterers, but this will a great starting point. The average prices listed below include both materials and labour but will exclude VAT.

Replastering walls

This is the one that most customers are looking for. It is often a smaller scope project and in involves re-skimming or repairing existing plaster in order to correct any imperfections for a professional-looking finish.

How much?

Small rooms: £380 – £500
Medium rooms £420 – £550 respectively.

How long will it take?

This will depend on the team working as well as the size of the rooms, but the usual timeframe is between one to 2-3 days.

New Plastering

Another project carried out by plasterers is new wall plastering. During this job, the team of professionals will take down the existing plaster and replace it. Apart from reapplying a new plaster, they might also do some lining, skimming and cosmetic finishes to the plaster. When you are replacing the plaster, the old one will need to be disposed of with a skip and overall cost will probably be higher.

Small rooms £600
Medium rooms £650
Large rooms £1,000.

External Rendering

It goes without saying that this will solely depend on the size of the property and whether the place is a single or multi-storey building. Additional equipment such as a scaffolding might also pump up the price if they are needed.


This is another area that will need to be done by professionals as it requires a lot of past experience to get it done properly. Professionals will do it quicker and they will achieve a neater look. Usually, it would take around half to one day for a small to a medium room and around2 to 3 days for larger ones. Plastering a ceiling will come roughly to about £300-£500, depending on the size of the room.