Monocouche Render Installers

Monocouche (French for ‘single layer’) also known as through colour render, comes pre-pigmented with the desired colour. This render is a new development that saves on time and cost, just some of the benefits that come with monocouche render.

Monocouche render comes ready to mix with water, and it can be applied by hand or even sprayed on. It’s a method of external rendering that has become popular in Europe and made it’s way here. It is no surprise then that the big names in monocouche (Weber, Knauf Marmorit and Sto) are German.

These renders are made from white cement and can be ordered in any colour on the wheel. Not bad when you consider you are getting a decorative finish with the benefit of weatherproofing and added insulation. Unlike sand and cement rendering monocouche only needs one coat and is only about 15 millimetres thick, which means less time is needed onsite.

As is to be expected with new developments there is a higher cost of using this technology. However when you factor in the additional labour and periodic repainting you would otherwise pay for the initial cost is not what it first appears.

  • No painting

    Monocouche render is pre-pigmented with your desired colour, meaning when the job is done it really is done.

  • Long lasting

    The render lasts for a minimum of 25 years so that means no painting. What is more, the colour doesn’t fade so your property doesn’t show its age as the seasons pass.

  • Weatherproof

    Come hail or high water monocouche render will stay strong and protect your property. No cracks: no excuses.

  • Simple process

    This render can be applied to brickwork straight away. Less labour and less cost for you.

  • Your property, your style

    You might expect such a render to come with caveats. Rest assured you can have the finish and colour that you want reflecting the culture of your property.

  • Energy efficient

    Insulating your building with a render that is thermally efficient will cut the cost of your heating and protect you from standard English weather.

  • Great for refurbishing

    Monocouche render is suitable for almost all properties regardless of age. Give your property a face lift.

What is Render?

Render is the stuff you see on the exterior building walls where it is not simply wooden or open brickwork. There are two main reasons for using render:

  • It protects the property from the weather
  • It has a nice decorative finish

You may feel spoilt for choice with the amount of render types available. Be sure to ask us which render is best for your needs.

How long does render last?

Depending on the type of render used it can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years. Monocouche has a longer lifespan and comes with a guarantee of 25 years. Sand and cement renders tend to last in the lower end of that range.

How much does rendering cost?

External rendering usually costs anywhere from £2,000 to £10,000 and is priced by surface area. That means the bigger the property the higher the cost.

The good news is there are rendering solutions to suit every budget. To get clarity on the best option for you or for a quote, get in touch.

Cement Rendering

Cement render is the traditional render used on external walls. The render is usually mixed at location and it takes two to three coats until it is finished. The first coat forms the base and is scored whilst still wet to provide a key for the next layer. The final coat is thinner and has a shiny finish, after which paint is applied.

Being cheap on materials this render is popular on tight budgets but may be more costly than anticipated in the long run, as it will require repainting from time to time.

Cement render

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