• A metal framed suspended ceiling ready for plaster boarding

Suspended Ceiling Contractors – Craft that is quality

A suspended ceiling is a second ceiling that sits just below your main ceiling. It is often referred to as a lowered ceiling or a dropped ceiling for this reason. So why would anyone want a second ceiling? Well, there are all sorts of benefits that come with a suspended ceiling system.

  • It comes finished so there is no decorating do to
  • More natural light and lower bills with 85% light reflectance.
  • Can be placed almost anywhere
  • Easy access for contractors to the electrics and pipework whilst being neatly concealed
  • Far easier to install lights, air conditioning, noise cancellation and other services that would otherwise not be possible
  • Faster, simpler and more cost-effective than a plasterboard ceiling
  • No messy construction work or need for builders
  • Inherent soundproofing so no more heavy footsteps above your head
  • Flexible design and colour options

Also called false ceilings one benefit to this service is concealing unsightly features like cables, fixtures, superficial damage and the effects of age. They also assist in the acoustics of a room by reducing echoes providing a sound barrier between floors. The added heat retention will help keep your bills down for years to come.

When done correctly these ceiling covers can increase fire resistance and make maintenance work pain free with easy access. They also serve as a platform to accommodate things such as custom lighting fixtures and air conditioning. When assessing cost, you will find that is it a much more effective option than a permanent ceiling.

Beginning Your Ceiling Construction

While considering a suspended ceiling installation choosing the right supplier is one of the most important decisions you will make. It is not just expertise and the right tools that you require, but a professional service that has a minimal disturbance to your development project or business. We deliver on time, every time to make sure the project runs smoothly.

AB Drylining has over 10 years of experience in delivering suspended ceiling installations to commercial and industrial clients. We deliver on time, every time and ensure minimal disruption to your business because we understand how crucial it is for development projects to run smoothly. Get in touch to see what pre-agreed timescales we offer.

When you contract AB Drylining you get more than just a new ceiling. We have worked on countless projects and can assist you in the planning and construction of even the most complex MF ceiling systems and plasterboard ceilings. We love to bring good ideas into the realm of reality.

Often our clients will have concerns about fixtures and lighting, accommodating air conditioning systems and health and safety compliance. These are things best addressed in the planning stages and involving a specialist contractor can ensure things go smoothly. We can help you plan the most effective ceilings taking all things into consideration such as:

  • Air conditioning
  • Alarm systems
  • H & S compliance
  • Security systems
  • Cabling

All ceiling installations that we complete are made to bear weight to specifications without taking anything away from the aesthetics.

MF Ceiling System and Metal Stud Partitioning

Our metal stud systems offer a strong and sturdy framework for plasterboard. AB Drylining offer metal stud partitioning as a cheap alternative to timber batons. It takes minimal time to erect, is lightweight and versatile. We use only the highest quality metal stud frameworks on all of our projects residential or commercial.

MF (metal frame) ceilings are made up of a metal framework which creates a suspension system grid to fix plasterboard to. Our MF ceilings are made up of metal and plasterboard which provides a nice smooth finish to ceilings without joints. We completely conceal all suspension grids created by the MF ceiling and the ceiling lining is joint-treated (leaving no viable joints). These services offer the following benefits:

For commercial premises such as office blocks, retail shops and industry, a premium service that meets safety standards is required.

We use only the best products from the most reliable manufacturers to provide

  • suspended ceiling grids
  • metal framed ceilings
  • false ceilings
  • dropped ceilings
  • lowered ceilings

For advice and support in finding the right solution for you, get in touch today on 01225 941006 or contact our senior specialist Alfie Burrows directly on 07983 879 762. Alternatively you can send us a message via the short form at the bottom of the page.

Suspended Plasterboard Ceiling

The final type of ceiling that AB drylining can install is plasterboard. A plasterboard ceiling is a panel of calcium sulfate dihydrate that is pressed typically between two sheets of paper called a facer and a backer. The plasterboard is usually used for interior walls and ceilings.

One of the main benefits of a plasterboard ceiling is heat retention. AB drylining make sure that the plasterboards are of the best quality and you get more than what you pay for. The amount of material used is minimal since it does not require a framework or other fixtures that essentially hang the ceiling. Costing is a lot cheaper since there is no tiling required to install the plasterboard. For a straightforward quote just tell us what you need via the form below or give us a call.

The length of time for completion of a plasterboard ceiling largely depends on the size we are dealing with. The plasterboard has to dry and harden before it can be installed and compressed between two thick pieces of paper. We deliver only the best results and make sure the prepared ceiling is perfect for you before installing it. Once finished the plasterboard is easier to decorate than a conventional ceiling, due to its even surface, texture and material.

Plasterboard ceilings are usually found in bathrooms and kitchens as the walls are typically made from the same material, which keeps the heat inside the room and prevents a draught. Consider this and the fact that tiles can easily be applied and it is easy to see why this is still the most popular choice for these rooms today.


  • Noise reduction

  • Metal frames offer a great alternative to traditional timber stud

  • Wide range of performances achievable

  • Projects completed on time. Guaranteed

  • Minimal disruption

  • Metal framework will not twist, warp or rot

  • Easy accommodation of services within the stud cavity

Why AB Drylining

  • We take pride in our work from start to finish

  • Competitive prices with high quality finish

  • A reliable and friendly service

  • We work closely with our clients

Putting the customer first

AB Drylining is committed to maintaining the highest standards of service. We work with your development project in mind going the extra mile to see your project through.

We use only the best materials that meet relevant British Standards (BS) and are active in our industry’s community, bringing you the latest in technology and innovation.

We pass on our savings to the customer wherever possible because we believe quality work should be affordable. To see just how cost effective we are give us a call or tell us about your project on the short form at the bottom of the page.

Your requirements are considered carefully by our specialists who will always offer you the best solution first.

We promise to always put your needs first and accommodate the requirements of modern businesses in a constant state of change.

When the work is finished our relationship won’t end their. We pride ourselves on our after care support and advice.

What is an mf ceiling system?

A metal framed ceiling system is a suspended ceiling that is ideal for most internal dry lining applications. The metal frame forms a grid that is completely concealed and can be used with plasterboards and tiles to create a seamless, visually appealing appearance.

Why choose a metal frame?

A metal frame is half the weight of wood and takes up less space due to its hollowed shape. MF ceilings are a great choice when structural support and adaptive ceilings are needed.

How much does it cost?

An MF ceiling used in conjunction with plasterboard and plastered to finish is around £25 per M2, but this is not a strict guideline. The best way to find out is to get in touch!

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